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East African Holding S.C.

East African Holding, a leading Industrial group in Ethiopia has endorsed a prominent role in the industrialization of the country.
It is engaged in many businesses in various sectors such as:
  • Manufacturing -Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Mining & Real Estate
  • Agriculture –Tea & Coffee Export operations
  • Distribution and Logistics

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East African Tiger Brand Industries

EATBI is engaged in the manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods such as:
  • Food products:  Biscuits, Unimix, Pasta, macaroni & flour
  • Soaps & detergent:  Laundry soaps, body soaps, detergent powder, detergent cake
  • Flexible printing: printing services
  • Packaging: packaging and corrugated boxes

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Chewaka Tea Estate



East African Agri-Business, a member of East African Holdings, has its well-designed strategic plans to be a major investor in agro business in Ethiopia, both in agricultural products and process industries. Chewaka tea estate is only one step towards this objective.


Chewaka Tea Estate

Chewaka Tea Estate, situated in the scenic beauty of the highlands in the South Western region of Ethiopia at an altitude of 6000 ft above sea level with an average rainfall of 2300mm, is one of the most suitable topography to grow high quality tea by any world standard.



During 1995, East African Agri Business established Chewaka tea estate with an initial investment of 87million Birr in a total land area of 870 Hectares. Till to date the company has managed to plant about 600 hectares of tea and 200 hectares with fire wood plantation. It has also built major infrastructures including arable internal roads. The estate proposes to increase its planted area by another 650 hectares during the next phase of expansion. Ten clone varieties of tea bush are grown in Chewaka Tea Estate of which, four varieties were obtained from the Gumrero tea garden and other six varieties are brought from Kenya. All these varieties are of very high quality known for their high yield potential and resistance to pests and other infections.


Product Profile and Market

The quality of the different grades of tea produced in Chewaka estate are comparable  with the best produced elsewhere in the world. 70% of our exported tea find markets  in Pakistan, U.A.E. and Sudan regularly.

From the time we launched our tea in the Ethiopian market in 2001, it has made its impacts in the domestic market and currently we enjoy about 45-50% market share in the country. Currently the domestic market, that is highly price oriented mainly requires medium grade blended tea but  the company is seeing a change in consumer preferences and it is planning to also launch premium grades for the domestic market.


The Blending and Processing Unit

The tea blending and packing factory  is engaged primarily in the blending and packing of branded tea for both domestic and export markets. It has a long standing experience of  more than 20 years in this field. Two prominent brands, Black Lion and Good Morning, produced in this factory are market leaders since they were first introduced. Earlier this blending and packing factory  depended on the local growers and imports to acquire tea but as the group developed and expanded its own tea estate it is now able to fully supply the unit, which enabled it to have better control on both quality and strategic planning.

Our Vision

“To become the leading industrial group in the region by being the front runner in all the sectors we operate in and position the enterprise competitively in the dynamic global business environment.”

Our Mission

"To supply products  that are leaders in quality, cost and customer satisfaction, through the integration of people, technology and systems.”


Our On Going Projects
  • Sheger Apartment Complex: Addis Ababa
  • Coal Mining: Jimma
  • Upgrade of Industrial Park: Dukem
  • Tea Business Expansion (1000 hectares)
  • Tomato Plantation and Processing Plant
  • Winery Project

Products and Services

  • National Cement: OPC, PPC
  • Good Morning Tea
  • Black Lion Tea
  • Good Morning Cream Sandwich Biscuits, Glucose Milk and Honey Biscuit,
  • Body Soap: Diana (many varieties), Love, Sara
  • Laundry Soap: Shega, Sora, Euro, Diana, Bati, Micky
  • Detergent Cake/Detergent Powder Soap: Crown, Peacock, Desta, Super Fast, Super Blue Fast
  • Hair Oil: Florida
  • Hair Cream: Miracle, Olivera, Samra, Avocado
  • Vitex Shampoo
  • Viola Shampoo
  • Viola Lotion
  • Anbessa Flour
  • Anbessa Pasta/Macaroni
  • Finished: Boxes, Cartons, Packaging

EAH at a Glance

East African Holding Share Company (EAHSC) has restructured and now includes 12 core businesses:

  • National Cement Share Company
  • Bizenu Investments PLC
  • East African Agri-Business
  • East African Mining PLC
  • Cosmar East Africa Business PLC
  • Ethio-Asian Industries PLC
  • Hameressa Edible Oil S.C.
  • East African Real Estate PLC
  • National Ready Mix Construction PLC
  • East African Group (Eth.) PLC
  • East African Tiger Brand Industries PLC and Co-Owned Distribution outlets

We focus on these twelve integral entities and their strategies moving forward will be imperative to sustaining EAH’s long-term financial health.

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EAH Companies

Bizenu Investment

EAH Contact Info

Company: East African Holding S.Co.
Phone: +251 114 401495
Fax: +251 114 404137
Address: Lideta behind Awash Wine Factory