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East African Agri-Business Plc

East African Agri-Business Plc

East African Agribusiness P.L.C. (EAAB) is the agricultural wing of EAH. EAAB has a long-term strategic plan to be a major player in the agricultural sector of Ethiopia. Chewaka Tea Estate is the first step towards this objective and is situated in the scenic highlands of the southwestern Ethiopia, at an altitude of 5,500 ft above sea level. The region has an average annual rainfall of 2,300 mm, which is the most suitable agro climatic environment for the tea growth inside the tea belt of Ethiopia.

To date the company has developed 600 hectares of tea plantations on the estate with different clones of tea specifically selected for their high yield potential and resistance to pests, and diseases, and 200 hectares of Eucalyptus trees for use as fuel in the tea processing factory.

EAAB currently has employs 250 permanent employees and 1,165 temporary workers.

New Projects in the Pipeline by East African Agri-Business

  • Tea Business Expansion (1,000 hectares)
  • Tomato Plantation and Processing Plant – the company has acquired 500 ha land in Amhara region for Tomato plantation and processing factory with annual capacity of 15,000 tons of tomato paste per year
  • Irrigation Equipment Supply – the company has installed Austrian movable irrigation technology on 80 ha land in Chewaka Tea Estate and is the sole agent for “One Aqua” brand equipment in Ethiopia
  • Vineyard and Winery Project – the company has identified and acquired land for vineyard and winery in Dire Dawa where our sister company National Cement is located a project team to facilitate the vineyard project
  • Kullen Valley Peanut Plantation – the company has acquired 5,000 hectares land in Somalia region for Peanut plantation and during off-season Onions & Tomatoes farming. This will ensure consistent input supply to sister company, Hamaressa Edible Oil


EAAB is a dominant player in the local tea market. Our black tea blends come in different packaging options – loose tea in pouches, packets, tea bags and tins, all with a distinctive aroma.

The Tea Blending and Packaging unit is in the Bishoftu Industrial Park in Oromiya region, 37 km from Addis Ababa. EAAB is a member of the Dubai Tea Trade Commission and the East African Tea Traders Association.

This unit produces well-known brands like Anbessa Tea, Black Lion Tea, Good Morning Tea, Simba Premium Tea and Chewaka Premium Tea.


East Africa Holding has ventured into the coffee business through exportation of raw coffee beans and value addition by establishing a roasting and grinding factory. The company has taken the initiative to set up a coffee plantation to backward integrate the process flow of the business.

At our roastery, we drum roast our beans daily in small batches and deliver promptly to our customers to ensure they enjoy maximum quality from our brand, Black Lion Coffee. We use pouches with one-way valves when packing, which allows coffee to be immediately packed after roasting to maximize the protection from moisture and air, conserving freshness, flavor and aroma.

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