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East African Real Estate Development plc

East African Real Estate Development plc

East African Real Estate Development PLC (EARED) is our entrance into the real estate development sector. EARED is involved in the development of high-end residential and commercial units. EARED is constructing a multi-use, high rise tower project in the heart of Addis Ababa. The two 11-storeys tower blocks under construction will have residential apartments, office space, restaurants and retail floors when completed.

Urbanization and population growth has been a major challenge to Ethiopian cities in recent years. The resulting deficiency in urban infrastructure is a major opportunity for EARED. Sustainable development practices will remain true to the values of EARED.

EAH through the EARED, is embarking on a major expansion in the real estate industry by relocating its factories from the heart to Addis Ababa to industrial areas, to allow for urban real estate development. One such project in final design stage, is a multipurpose complex containing shopping mall, residential and office spaces.

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