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Hamaressa Edible Oil sc

Hamaressa Edible Oil sc

Hameressa Edible Oil S.C. is one of the largest producers of edible oil in Ethiopia with a total landholding of 48,000 m2 located in the eastern part of the country is the vicinity of Harar Region.

Hamaressa Edible Oil S.C. has modern manufacturing machinery to produce high quality edible oils from different types of oil seeds. The company manufactures edible oils from locally grown oil seeds in the country – groundnuts (peanut), rapeseeds, linseeds, sesame, niger seeds, rapeseeds and cotton seeds for the local market. The oil-cake (by-product) is utilized for the animal feeds and diary sectors.

Hamaressa Edible Oil is among the few appointed agents by the Ethiopian government to import and distribute refined Palm Oil based edible oils in the Eastern and Southern Ethiopia.

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